February 8, 2019

Prior to Reading:

Having very little knowledge on the topic I think that there must be a number of levels in which information and ideals regarding education are passed through in order to be developed into fully fletched curricula. I think that they are developed by considering what exactly is required for students to know in the current times based on what has been deemed as common sense, information that will aid students in their futures, and that will allow them to be productive members of society. All of these considerations tied in by a number of people likely allows the beginning of the development of curricula.

After Reading:

Following my reading of the article I now have a better understanding of the process of developing and implementing curricula. Like I suspected, curricula development is a lengthy process that must make its way through a number of steps, and that is why there is very little change throughout the years. Many people are involved in the development/implementation of curricula through reviewal processes of determining which aspects of curricula were lacking in the past, and which may need to be added for a more successful future based on their gathered data. Through this process they determine what needs to be removed, added, or altered.

Prior to reading, I had never considered how time consuming and near impossible the process of developing curricula could be. Ensuring both student’s academic success, while also considering their futures is certainly a trying task, and I am surprised that there has been any amount of success due to the extreme individualities of each student/person involved in the curricula’s creation.

Something that surprises and concerns me regarding the current education system and curricula is the focus on certain subjects over others, and the ways in which some teachers emphasize pushing through curricula and therefore teaching their students just the very bare minimum rather than beneficial, substantial life information. First of all, I think that there should be more emphasis placed on the arts in education, and a push for both mental and physical health. Where I do certainly see the importance of Math, English, and Science for example, I do think that there are benefits to Visual Art, Music and Dance that many overlook. I also think that when teachers merely teach the required info rather than focusing on the needs of their students, they are setting them up for failure. It is important to remember to not just teach curricula, but to teach students.


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